Find Time for Blogs Just In and Dunno on Cyber Monday!

Finding time to publicize your blog content on the web, or to ferret out information about a question or new interest is easier with Blogs Just In and Dunno.  Here’s a brief description of each …

Blogs Just In is the brain child of Will Bontrager and it offers a place for you to find blog posts in categories that interest you – as well as sharing your posts. You’ll find The Time Finder’s new posts appearing there in the Small Business category – along with lots of other excellent and timely posts from other bloggers.

Here’s how Will describes Blogs Just In:

Blogs Just In is the place to find the latest blog posts found at various locations on the internet. In your preferred categories.

Categories are on separate pages, easy to bookmark. Always have links to the latest blog posts available.

The site is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and easy to like.

Blogs are reviewed before they are accepted at Blogs Just In – so you know that what you are reading has been vetted.  (And speaking of being vetted, I learned about this site from Terri Zwierzynski, Chief Freedom Officer at Solo-E – a solid recommendation, indeed!)

Then there’s Dunno – an application for your Mac, iPad, or iPhone that does research for you and provides you with links and resources based on notes you jot down in the app.  In many ways, the application functions much like a Google search; however, one very nice feature is that these searches are saved and easily available (across any of your Apple platforms) for reference later.

Here’s a review of Dunno from Lifehacker, where I first read about it:

All you have to do is open Dunno, jot down a quick note, then wait for a few moments. Each note will be automatically augmented with relevant images, web links, Wikipedia articles, videos, and more. It won’t attempt to outright answer a question like Wolfram Alpha or Siri, but it might save you a few moments of searching through various web services.

And here’s a brief YouTube video, showing how Dunno works – and how you might make use of it:

Ready to explore Dunno and Blogs Just In?  I think you’ll find time and find information faster with these tools this Cyber Monday!

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Let’s explore time together …

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Blogs Just In or Dunno, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.


  1. Paula, thank you for mentioning

    And congratulations on your own mention at’s “Top 50 Productivity Blogs of 2011” page.


  2. Hi Will –

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. We are very pleased with Blogs Just In ( – both for the exposure we receive, and for the easy access to excellent, timely information.



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