Move Through Sudden Change with These Timely Tips

Lightning-sudden change

Sudden change is part of life, and you can manage it.

Like a thunderstorm, sudden change can arrive out of the blue with lightning and high winds that spin your day off its axis. When that happens, how do you get your feet back on the ground?

We explored helpful tools for dealing with this time challenge in our recent post titled Sudden Change Doesn’t Have to Throw You, and today  I’d like to enlarge on that with the following tips.

Sudden Change — The Backdrop

Before jumping into the tips, I just want to remind you that change is a fact of life, and if you stop and think about it, many of the changes that we experience in our days are what you could call ‘sudden.’ Some of these sudden changes are bigger than others, which makes them feel more jarring.

When you are depleted, emotionally, energetically, physically — any change is amplified. So, how you experience change has to do with how you are feeling, how you typically respond to new information or situations, and the kind of change that is involved. Keeping this ‘backdrop’ in mind will help you navigate whatever changes come your way.

And now, on to the tips. Today I’ll share two, and tomorrow three more. They provide some useful guidelines, whether you respond first with your mind or your emotions.

Sudden Change Tips

1. Tip: To move forward in times of sudden change, first take a step back.

Sudden change catches you off guard, so it’s very easy to make mistakes. Often it takes time to fully understand exactly what happened, how it happened, and all the ways it will affect you. For this you need a clear head and an overview.

So resist the temptation to rush in without thinking. Give yourself time to collect your wits and gather facts. By taking a step back, you can see the big picture. Then you gain the perspective to make well-considered decisions.

2. Tip: When confronted with sudden change, keep it simple and take small steps.

Sudden change changes you. Your entire outlook is disrupted until you learn how best to cope with your new reality. Initially, you may shut down emotionally; this helps you remain in coping mode long enough to meet current demands.

At first, attend only to immediate responsibilities. Allow your protective shield to remain in force until you can take time for yourself. Your time frame shortens, which is appropriate. Only deal with the necessities at present, and let the big picture emerge before committing yourself further.

Stay tuned – tomorrow I’ve got 3 more tips for you and for your time success …


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