Moving into the New and Learning from the Old

Moving into a Passage

Moving into the new – what do you bring with you and what do you leave behind?

Moving into the new is a transitional process that we engage in moment-by-moment. And while the turning of the year feels like a big leap, it’s actually a continuation of our ongoing changes.

Here at The Time Finder we take the start of a new month as a time to reflect and plan for what’s to come. Moving into the New Year involves  much the same process, but with a scope of vision that steps even farther back, honoring and embracing your experience of the whole year.

So this past week everyone on the planet was celebrating and moving into 2016.

How was that transition for you?

Here are 3 questions to reflect on today. They are aimed at helping you see more clearly what you’re moving toward – and what you’re letting go of, as the first full week of 2016 begins:

3 Questions for Moving into the New

1. What 5 things stand out for you about last year?

I’d suggest that you approach this question in two steps — and maybe even do it more than once.

First, sit quietly with pen and paper handy, breathe deeply, and brainstorm everything that comes to mind when you think about the year that just gone by. Write down whatever emerges. Don’t censor yourself at all. Then, once you have your list, go back and pull out the 5 that resonate most strongly for you.

2. What did those 5 things give you?

Create a chart with three columns. List your items in the left-hand column. Then, add the following headings in the next two columns: “Feelings” and “Lessons.”

In the column marked Feelings, brainstorm the emotions evoked by each item you’ve listed. Your feelings are key. Starting there will guide you to the heart of the matter. Then, in the column marked Lessons create a similar list, highlighting what you’ve learned. As above, work quickly and don’t censor yourself.

Tip: It can be helpful, when brainstorming, to write with your non-dominant hand. You may be quite surprised at what emerges as this tool allows you to tap into a different part of your brain.

3. What do you take and what do you leave behind?

Moving into the new involves choices. You simply can’t carry everything with you when you’re traveling — and we are all traveling through time! Now you need to make some decisions about what you’re going to take with you.

So create another chart. This one has three columns and builds on your last one.

List your items again in the left-hand column. In the next column, copy the lessons you’ve learned. You can refine them here, if you want. The key is to capture the most important lesson for each item.

Then in the last column, list your Next Step. This needs to be concrete and specific. It is your plan for moving into the new. Think of it as a gift that you give yourself as you build your own, unique bridge into your own, unique future.

Here’s to a fulfilling and successful new year for you – and to all of the incremental ‘next steps’ that carry you from where you are to where you want to be!

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