Moving into the New – It’s Not Just About the New Year!

Doorway for moving into the new

Opportunities for moving into the new abound!

Moving into the new and letting go of the old is a rhythm of change that is taking place all the time for each of us.

It’s not just about the really big transitions like the beginning of a New Year. No, in fact, those huge transitions are actually, in many ways, illusory.

Moving into the new is, in reality,  a step-by-step, incremental process. It is happening constantly, and often without our conscious knowledge. That’s certainly true of things like the cellular changes in our bodies and our in-breaths and out-breaths. And it’s also true of the thousands of transitions that we traverse each and every day.

Moving into the New Means Seeing

When I first started Finding Time, ten years ago, our tagline was “Make the invisible visible.” We retired it a few years ago, and yet it still resonates strongly for me.

That’s where my passion lies — in helping you come to understand yourself more deeply and see your time choices with new eyes so that you become your own time expert. One of the very powerful ways that you can do this is by making conscious choices about how you move into the new – how you start.

Moving into the New Means Choices

So, what do you need, to be able to do this?

Well, first, it’s important to recognize where your opportunities lie. New beginnings are energizing and exciting because they offer a clean slate. The start of a New Year holds so much promise. But why not extend that feeling to your months, weeks, days, and moments?

How powerful and filled with promise each and every moment can be, when viewed as a point of transition — a doorway for moving into the new!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll be sharing more ideas and walking you through some concrete steps to help you establish routines and rituals for moving into the new consciously.

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