Moving Through Your Fear Frees Up Time and Energy

Keep moving…

When you start moving through your fear, you put your fear in its place.

That might sound too easy, but it’s true and what’s needed is your choice to move into it rather than away.

You see, finding time is not just a matter of time management.  That’s an odd thing for a time management coach to say, but it’s true and it’s important.

Finding time is a matter of energy management, too.  If you neglect this vital piece, you’ll just be working harder and faster, but feeling depleted and less and less productive.

One of the biggest energy drains that we all experience is fear. And it’s pretty pervasive in our world these days.

It’s a debilitating, initiative-sapping emotion that we all experience.  It can be huge and paralyzing or it can be quietly insidious — and all the increments in-between.  No matter the size and shape of your fear, it keeps you from accessing your full potential and from using your time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Moving through your fear.

It’s a matter of choice at its core. Moving through your fear means taking one step toward it, then another and another. It’s an incremental process and one in which you keep gaining strength and energy.

Now, I’m not encouraging recklessness. Indeed, fear can also be a warning about risks. So it’s important to take those into account and use caution where it’s indicated.

But often our fear is about things that aren’t actually dangerous to us. Fear is a very common human emotion.  How it manifests will be individual but the emotion is universal.

You can expect to experience fear, but it doesn’t have to stop you.

Your fear doesn’t go away.

And what you should NOT expect is that you’ll be able to rid your life of fear.

No, what successful people do is recognize the fear and move through it. You basically have two choices when you experience fear. You can let it stop you in your tracks or you can do the following:

  • Name It: Call it what it is – first and foremost.  Don’t let it keep whispering or shouting and diverting your energy into worry and spinning anxieties.
  • Assess it.  Ask yourself, “Is there really something here to be afraid of?  If you conclude that there is, then respect this and take steps to address it.
  • Take action.  Nine times out of ten, our fears are echoes of things that are no longer operative in our lives.  So nine times out of ten, moving toward whatever is scaring you is your best step. As the Nike commercial used to say, “Just do it.”

The more quickly you can name, assess, and then act on whatever is scaring you, the less time and energy these fears will eat up.  It’s a simple equation and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

Here’s more help…

Aging presents challenges for many people. And when that’s coupled with self-critical messages it’s a recipe for huge and unnecessary difficulties. The challenges include:

  • Sapping your confidence and energy with negative messages, 
  • Worries that distort your ideas about what’s needed and what’s possible, and
  • Difficulty adjusting to the inevitable changes of aging.

Basically, you’re attacking yourself all the time. And that leaves you at a terrible disadvantage, any way you look at it.

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