MultCloud Enhancements Help You Find Time


MultCloud lets YOU pull the strings!

MultCloud is a free cloud management tool that streamlines your interactions with the cloud, letting you manage multiple cloud drives from one, convenient dashboard.

We reviewed MultCloud here some months ago, noting that MultCloud offers an excellent time-saving solution for the following money-saving scenario:

If you’re interested in saving money and exploring the possibilities that the cloud offers, you can use multiple cloud services, making sure to utilize each one only to the limit of their free option.

What that means in practical terms, though, is that you’ll have material stored in lots of different places – and that’s a headache to keep organized – not to mention a big time drain!

… If you have a lot of material stored in the Cloud, and are looking for a quick and simple dashboard for viewing and managing what you’ve got, then MultCloud looks like something worth checking out.

The reason I’m writing today is because MultCloud has recently launched an updated version with some powerful new functions, as well as improvements on existing capabilities. For example:

MultCloud Lets You Transfer Files – Even When You’ve Powered Off

MultCloud uses its newly-added background of transmission technology to facilitate transfers from one cloud drive to another. You just need to set up the transfer and the MultCloud server will do the rest.

Scheduled Transfers via MultCloud

This is very helpful when you have files that you want to back up regularly. Maybe there’s data that you want to transfer on the first or last day of every month. MultCloud supports the creation of scheduled transfers. It allows you to set these as daily, weekly or monthly events, and you can add specific times for your data transmission. That means that you can schedule these transfers for times when your computer isn’t in heavy use.

MultCloud Keeps YOU in the Loop!

Since you want to know for sure that your transfers have, indeed, taken place, MultCloud also sends you an email after completing the transmission. This is a reassuring confirmation – especially when you’re asking MultCloud to work when you are off-line!

CloudWedge offers a helpful review/overview of MultCloud that includes some screen prints to get you started. The bottom line is that if you are someone who has accounts with several cloud services – OR maybe several accounts with the same service – MultCloud offers a single intuitive and powerful place for managing it all.  And it’s free, so it’s a money-saver, as well as a time-saver.

Hope you find this helpful – and I’d love to hear what you think!

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