New Beginnings — An Energy Boost That’s Always Within Reach

Ocean new beginnings

New beginnings boost your energy.

New beginnings and energy?

Yes, there’s a clear and powerful connection between the two. And when it comes to new beginnings, you aren’t dependent on the calendar. Not at all.

Usually, when we think about transitions, change, and new beginnings, we focus on major events like birthdays, New Year’s day, anniversaries — points in time.

But the reality is that you can make your own new beginnings. And you can do this for yourself a lot more often than you’d think.

New beginnings are everywhere if you look for them!

This past Saturday night brought torrential rains to New Hampshire. Sunday morning, the clouds blew away and the bright sun emerged.  That was a transition that certainly felt like a new beginning.

Transition points offer helpful opportunities for reflecting on your values, goals, priorities and time choices.  And there’s no need to wait for particular dates to do that kind of personal reflecting.

Change is here to stay.

If you accept that change is a constant in your life and that transitions are happening all the time for you, then there are all sorts of points where you can pause and reflect … and begin anew.

No burden, this is a gift you give yourself. And it’s available in every moment.

What about the transition from waking up to leaving for work?

So, for example, can you find time in your morning to pause, reflect, and plan your brand new day?

Or what about the transition time right before bed?   Isn’t that another point where you could take a moment or two and check in with yourself?

New beginnings — You have to stop before you can begin.

Making a new beginning is always a refreshing and proactive choice you make for yourself.  The more you notice and honor the changes and transitions taking place in your life, the more often you are able to pause, reflect, and begin again.

How often do you make new beginnings for yourself?

And are you feeling overwhelmed? Discouraged? Stuck?

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