New Year or New Day or Both – Mysteries of Time!

New Year-New DayA new year starts at midnight tonight.  2013 recedes into history and the brand new slate of 2014 presents itself for us to write our goals, plans and dreams on.

It’s always a momentous occasion – The New Year – greeted with reflection and revelry all around the world.  But the start of a new year is always also marked by something a bit more mundane – the start of a new day.

New days begin for all of us, 365 (or 366) times each and every year.  What makes that newness less momentous than the newness we celebrate at midnight tonight?

I think it’s a very interesting question – and one of time’s mysteries.  What spells the difference is, in many respects, simply mindfulness.  That and the importance we ascribe to The New Year (as opposed to the new day).  I often have the same thought when my birthday rolls around and I mark another sort of new year, but am really only a day older.

New Year – New Beginning

With the turning of the year we think about the year past and plan for the year ahead. Framed as a new beginning, the new year offers another chance to realize hopes and goals.  This is energizing and inspiring.

But I come back to those 365 new days that we experience each and every year.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give ourselves the same kind of boost each morning? Imagine greeting each day the way we greet a new year.  (Okay, not with parties and champagne – but with open hearts and open energy!)

There are so many simple ways that we can profoundly transform our time.  Here’s to a new year (and new day) of exploring that together!

PS  As I write this morning I am putting the final touches on the next issue of my Finding Time E-zine.  It will be published on Thursday and, among other things, I’ll be sharing an article titled “3 Steps Transform Discouragement Into Focused, Timely Progress.”  This is a must-read if you’re thinking about resolutions for the new year – and want to make them work this time!

… if the bold new plans you hatch this month end in disappointment some weeks or months down the road, I invite you to consider a 3-step, fresh approach.

The idea is to craft intentions that not only guide but also support you day by day, like friendly traveling companions. As you do this more and more for yourself, you create and sustain a healthier relationship with time.

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