New Year Tech Review to Create Space and Find Time!

Opening to the sunrise

Consciously letting go of the old helps you open to the new!

The New Year is fast approaching!  One of the things you can do to make the New Year truly NEW is to consciously say good-bye to the old.  In my upcoming Finding Time E-zine (it’ll be published on 1/8/15 … and you can sign-up for it HERE) you’ll find ideas for navigating this time of transition  and new beginning.

Today I’d like to focus on one area that you can start exploring right now. I suggest that you take your own technological pulse as the New Year approaches. It’s a great time to jettison unused tech tools, clean up cyber clutter, and get yourself ready to jump start your on-line life in the New Year.

Before you start, decide how much time you want to spend on this; and I suggest using a timer to be sure you stick with your plan.

Do a quick survey of your computer desktop to start.  Are there things on there that you won’t be needing in the New Year?

Delete what you can.  If you are unsure, I suggest creating an “Archive” folder.  Drag items into that folder and add a note to your To-Do list to revisit this folder in a month or two (set a particular date).  Then, if you’ve not needed those items over the past period of time, you can remove them with confidence.

Next move to your e-mail.  Scan your various folders, removing e-mails with duplicate information, repetitive, large attachments, etc.  This frees up space and removes clutter.

You might consider creating a “2014” folder that you can then move sub-folders into.  It functions as an archive; and this is a powerful way to clear space for the New Year!

Next, I’d suggest surveying your apps, software, browser extensions, etc.  Often, during the course of a year, you come upon tools and applications that look like they will really be useful. But do you actually use them?

The New Year is a perfect time to get rid of that tool you thought you needed … but now can’t remember why!  😉

There’s nothing that feels quite as good as clearing out clutter.  It’s a very concrete way to let go of the old and welcome the new.

So, I hope you take up the idea of doing your own New Year Tech Review … and here’s to your time success now, and in 2015!

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