Note Anywhere Looks Like a Real Time-Saver for Chrome Users

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Note Anywhere looks like a very flexible, friendly Chrome extension.

Note Anywhere is a Chrome extension that my VA came upon over the weekend. She thought it might be of interest to Time Finder readers, so I’m sharing it today.

This looks like a very flexible, user-friendly tool. You add it to Chrome and then, once you enable it, you’ll see s small icon added to your toolbar.

As you might expect, the Note Anywhere icon looks like a small yellow sticky note. And when you click the icon while on a webpage, you are presented with a sticky note that you can type your notes in. It’s that simple.

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Leave reminders for yourself – wherever you need to!

Note Anywhere lets you…

  • Make notes on any web page.
  • Move your note anywhere you want to on the page.
  • Cut-and-Paste text into your note.
  • Delete a note by clicking the “x” when you’re finished with it.
  • Find your note waiting for you when you next open that page.

…and there’s more

  • Note Anywhere has the capacity to add a scrollbar to your note if it contains a large amount of text.
  • A Note Summary feature has been added. It shows links to pages that you’ve added notes to, and gives a count of the number of sticky notes you’ve added. And the links are live, so you can click and go right to your notes.
  • Also new is the ability to customize your notes, changing the color, font, etc.

Your notes will reappear, after you have closed a tab, although you may not want to use this as any kind of permanent repository for your notes. If you’re interested in exploring this extension for yourself, you can find it by clicking this link.

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