Nurturing Energy – Your Powerful Antidote to Time Toxins

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Nurturing energy keeps you going!

Nurturing energy is the quiet underpinning of time success.

It keeps you going when times are tough and offers a realistic and compassionate antidote to the negative voices that we carry inside – voices that often feel like they undermine us at every turn.

In past blog posts I’ve explored the role that your Inner Critic and Perfectionist can play in your life. The good news is that there are some powerful antidotes to these toxins (or, as I like to think of them, sub-selves).

The nurturing energy and realism of the Nurturer and the Adult are connected to your best efforts. They work together, as well as separately, to help you gain perspective and compassion. Today we’ll learn about the Nurturer, also referred to as the Nurturing Parent.

Your Nurturer resides in your heart space and provides you with valuable emotional grounding. Appreciation, validation, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness are cornerstones of this warm presence in your life. Imagine how your day becomes more effective and flowing when you call in this nurturing energy!

Nurturing Energy Has Powerful, Palpable Effects

You feel more relaxed, because you accept yourself. Then, since you are less susceptible to feeling urgent or critical, you remain true to yourself in the present moment.

When you connect to your heart energy, your vitality is enhanced. You become more receptive both to yourself and to others. By shedding the cloak of defensiveness, you maintain
a healthy curiosity.

Since your Nurturer offers unconditional support, you feel freer to explore, experiment, and extend yourself. Failure is not a possibility – only further learning. And gratitude and
appreciation infuse your daily moments.

Regardless of your history, you now possess enormous power to support yourself. Nurturing is a skill to learn and refine. Start practicing by writing down supportive messages to
yourself, and put them in key places in your environment, as reminders.

Nurturing Energy – Get Started Here

Try this ritual: every morning as you awake, give yourself 2 nurturing messages. Have one of your messages relate to your daily activities, and the other one relate to your core self.
Concretize them by writing them down.

Next, try what I call “mirror work.” Look at yourself in the mirror with open, heart-felt energy. Fully appreciate yourself and the potential of your day.

Keep a journal by your bed. Each evening before you sleep, write 3 “gratitudes” from your day. Focus on each one as you integrate and assimilate this energy.

Describe how this ritual of openness and appreciation changes how you move through your day. How does it impact the way you use your time? What is revealed? What does that tell you about yourself?

Your nurturer seeks to enlarge your life. Consciously call in this energy as you move through your moments.

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