Nurturing Spaces – Make Your Ideal Real

Nurturing Spaces

Create nurturing spaces and make your ideal real …

Nurturing spaces offer opportunities to ground and energize yourself. And you can easily create these spaces so that they are there for you wherever and whenever you need them.

Last week, in my post titled Nurturing Spaces Expand Your Possibilities I shared about the ways that the spaces you create can affect your experience and your productivity. So, this applies to both  your work life and your personal life.

You can learn a lot by noticing ways you have or have not yet created a nurturing space for yourself. Perhaps what is missing in your work environment also undercuts your approach to work.

Today I’d like to offer you a tip to identify what your nurturing space looks like – and then bring it to life for yourself

Nurturing Spaces – Getting Real


Creating a values-rich environment enhances your productivity.

Action Step:

Go within, and ask yourself these 3 questions, recording what comes to mind:

  • What gives meaning to your life?
  • What revitalizes you when your energy is low?
  • How do your surroundings support you?

Your answers help clarify your external values. To fully provide yourself with what you need, create places to live and work that manifest what’s most important to you. This enables you to energize yourself as you move through your day.

Nurturing Spaces – Explore the Rewards

Use the answers to the above 3 questions to steer yourself through this exercise.

As your first step, return to the ideal environment you developed in the previous post, which is comfortable, welcoming and efficient. If you could live and/or work there, what would it look like?

Now, consider what further changes would align this space with your core values. For example, what accessories, such as plants, touchstones, framed pictures, or quotations might inspire, energize and ground you?

Notice what predominates. What does this tell you about yourself and your values?

Next, envision where you currently live and work. Select your favorite spot. How might you enhance it to create a values-rich setting? What positive changes might this bring?

Finally, select one simple change that you can implement this coming week. See how following through enhances your sense of positive control! Continue with small steady steps to carry the ideal conditions into your daily life.

Designing a space from “the inside out” by tailoring it to your values and preferences helps you feel your best as you do your best.

Remember: Finding time is always your first step to turn self-nurturing ideas into tangible rewards.

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