Off Track? Time Boundaries and TimeYourWeb to the Rescue!


Off track? Time Boundaries help!

Do you find yourself getting off track and “losing time” a lot?

Is staying focused a challenge? Do distractions constantly call to you? Then time boundaries will help you immensely.

And I recently came across a tech tool that helps as well. it’s called TimeYourWeb and it’s a Chrome browser extension that maps your on-line activities.

TimeYourWeb will show you very clearly where you get off track. That, in turn, tells you exactly where your strongest time boundaries are needed.

Lost and Off Track?

When you enable TimeYourWeb in your Chrome browser, it shows you, graphically, where you have been on the web, and for how long.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you know that time is money. So time you spend wandering and off-track is lost money. That’s what it comes to, when you boil it down to the basics. Your time boundaries are a big help with that, but not if you don’t know where to create them.

So TimeYourWeb will show you how much time you spend on each page of any domain and, even better, it is able to distinguish between your “active” time on the page and your “total” time. This means you get a much more accurate picture of where your focus is wandering.

And you can look at this data close up (i.e. at a particular day) or you can back up and see the overview, by the week or the month.

Get Back On Track with Boundaries

So, once you know where your time leaks are, you are in a great position to create time boundaries.

Not sure what those are? Well, in a nutshell, time boundaries are powerful time management tools that allow you to make proactive choices about your moments.

Time boundaries help you say “NO” to the things that pull you off-course and hold you back. And this, in turn, enables you to say a resounding “YES” to the things that are most important to you.

To learn more about creating and maintaining time boundaries for yourself, I invite you to explore “Your Secret Power.” This is my newest E-Guide Book and if distractions pull you off track and you’re tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it’s time to tap into some boundary-setting skills! Click the link below for more information:

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