OMG, We Have to Move – Paula, Help!

Moving van-OMG

OMG moments – when change is sudden, you can still cope!

Our posts about sudden change have yielded quite a few questions and what I’ll call “OMG e-mails” from readers who have been thrown off-balance by sudden changes in their lives.

So I thought I’d share one here.

This is from Theresa in Chicago, and she has an immediate  challenge to deal with – one that’s really got her spinning.

OMG, Paula Help!

Dear Paula,

Thanks for your posts about sudden change.

Suddenly, I need your help for my own sudden change! My partner must relocate to Atlanta within weeks to keep his sales manager position.

He is our main breadwinner, and his saying no isn’t an option in this economy. But I have no experience moving to a new
location, and must ready my 2 school-aged children, as well.  My head is spinning, I’ve lost my appetite and I can’t think or
sleep. But everyone is counting on me! Can you please advise me how to make it through this ordeal? I hope you can answer this right away.

Thanks so much.

Hi Theresa

You certainly have a lot on your plate, and I’m glad that you’ve found the posts here helpful. I’ll be following this up next week with some final (for now) tips for coping with sudden change. For now, though, here are some ideas for you:

  • The first thing I would suggest might sound counter-intuitive, but it is very important. STOP and find a comfortable place to sit: perhaps in a favorite room. Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. Make sure you are breathing deeply and from your belly.
  • Next, create an affirmation that you can take with you at all times. For example, “I’ll get through this one minute at a
    time.” Hold it close and use it frequently — whenever you feel anxious — as a mantra and a guide.
  • Be creative about options, and flexible. Family members may be unsettled for a while. So it may help to relax your expectations a bit until new routines can be established.
  • Put everything you can in writing, including an ongoing list to record items as they come to you. This is a powerful stress reducer and it frees up your mind for other tasks. Focus on one thing at a time. Validate even the smallest successes.
  • Delegate tasks and ask for help. Engage your children in age-appropriate activities. That helps them develop understanding and ownership of the move.

I hope you find this helpful, and would love to keep in touch as you move through this process — so please feel invited to drop me a line!

Best of luck to you,


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