One Quick To-Do List Tip to Recharge Your Energy Today

quick to-do list tip
Here’s a quick to-do list tip.

Today I have one quick to-do list tip that will help you renew your energy and accomplish more, no matter what.

Using to-do lists to increase your productivity is a tried and true time management tool.  And whether you use a paper list or one of the many online tools, lists help you stay organized.

But sometimes, lists create their own sets of problems.

For example, once you have your list compiled, do you sometimes find that it is so long and ambitious that you are discouraged by it?

You are definitely not alone.

One quick to-do list tip:

Here’s a Finding Time Tip that addresses this exact situation. It reads as follows:

  • Tip:  Give yourself credit. Are you more productive than you think? Conduct a realistic inventory to energize and focus your efforts.
  • Action Step:  Ignore your over-ambitious to-do lists. Chart out a typical week, listing everything you accomplish.  Validate what’s productive and build ‘from the ground up.’

It is so important to not make your to-do list a tool that sets you up to feel discouraged. So, recognizing when you are getting ahead of yourself is vital.

And be sure to include on your list some items that are easily accomplished, as well as some “tasks” that are pleasures or treats. This immediately sets you up for success. And this, in turn, energizes and motivates you.

This really works.

Remember that it’s key to keep your energy and your focus positive.  Including the “low hanging fruit,” along with rewards, amongst your larger tasks is a great tool for managing your attitude and, by extension, managing your time.

So, what will you add to your to-do list today that will help boost your sense of accomplishment and enjoyment?

Observe how it helps, and keep using this quick to-do list tip to increase your productivity and your energy.

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