OneNote and Evernote – Is It Time to Make a Switch?

Notes-OneNote vs. Evernote

OneNote vs. Evernote – what do you choose to use?

OneNote, a Microsoft product, is a free on-line tool that offers many of the capabilities that Evernote does.

Indeed, while OneNote and Evernote are similar in many ways, Evernote’s price increase has prompted many to take a second look. And some feel that OneNote has more to offer now. For example, it includes a free-form canvas where you can mix text, images, documents, handwriting, audio, video and more. In addition, it offers unlimited monthly uploads and free offline access.

A barrier to making a switch for some may have been the apparent difficulty of transferring material from Evernote to OneNote. If you’ve been a longtime Evernote user (as we have) you have probably accumulated thousands of notes in your notebooks there. It was a daunting task to consider – moving all of that to another platform!

OneNote-Now There’s an Importer Tool

Well, OneNote has now introduced an Importer tool for moving Evernote material to OneNote. Check out the video below for a quick walk-through of how to use the Importer tool:

But wait, why would you want to switch? Evernote offers a free plan, too. But some of the features we like best about Evernote are only available in their paid plans.

Comparing OneNote and Evernote

Here’s what we found as we explored the features of both products. OneNote (which is always free) definitely looks like it offers a more robust array of services compared to Evernote’s free product.

Here’s a graphic comparing the two:


OneNote vs. Evernote

Here is a helpful post that walks you through the details of the importing process. If you’re considering making this move, I encourage you to take a look at this step-by-step guide from And depending on your interest in things-technical, you might just want to bookmark that site for future reference.

So, are you an Evernote user? And do you currently have a paid plan? If you’re considering saving some money, you may want to consider making this move for yourself. We’re looking into it here at The Time Finder – and I’d love to hear what you think!

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