Online Safety Tip – Protect Yourself with Peek this Cyber Monday

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Online scams have you worried? Take a peek!

Online safety is at a premium these days, with hacking happening everywhere.

It’s vital to be careful and on the alert for internet scams and phishing schemes. This is especially true as we come to rely more and more on the web in our everyday lives.

Each Monday, here at The Time Finder, I share a Cyber Monday post. I spotlight tech tools and tips to streamline your work. My goal is always to help you be more efficient and effective in your web-based activities.

So today, as the actual once-a-year Cyber Monday approaches, I want to tell you about a Chrome extension  that looks like a helpful addition to your online toolkit.

It’s called Peek and I first read about it on lifehacker a few weeks ago. Peek allows you to preview any online file that you’re thinking about downloading, BEFORE you download it.

Better Safe Than Sorry Online

Peek works with most types of downloadable files that you’ll find online, including: Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, PowerPoint’s, as well as a variety of audio and video file formats.

Once you’ve added Peek to your Chrome browser, you’ll see a small magnifying glass added to your extensions. Hover your cursor over a link to any supported document. When you do, a preview window opens, showing the content of the document that you’re considering downloading.

And, even better, you can explore within the preview window. Peek allows you to vet online material before you download it. You can scroll through Word or PDF pages, or even play a video, to ensure that it’s the right file AND that it’s safe.

To see how it works, try a Google search and then, for any results that come up as pdf’s, excel spreadsheets, etc. just hover your cursor over the document to see your preview. I think you’ll find this an easy-to-use online tool that helps you stay safe while you surf.

Note: I have no material connection to Peek and have received no compensation for writing this post.

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