Open Your Heart and Find More Time

Open and Shine

Open to what is – one petal at a time!

When you open to what is you let yourself see, hear and feel without impediment.

This may be challenging, because we naturally recoil from things that are painful. But avoidance and defenses, while they may seem like they help, actually encumber us.

Like the turtle’s shell, you carry your protection everywhere you go. 

It slows you down and it also significantly affects how you interact with the people and events in the world around you.

Open Up and Lighten the Load

So, when you open you put down whatever shields you have created over time. As you do this, you’re likely to feel exposed. This can be disorienting and a little scary.

At the same time, you’ll feel more nimble. Colors may look brighter. You’ll experience your feelings more strongly and your sense of time, of what it holds, and of your own potential will be transformed.

Open Up – I Want to, But How?

It’s important to remember that it’s a process, opening up.

You don’t decide one day to open up to yourself and to the life around you and then just do it! No, your defenses are there for a reason. Even if you know that they no longer serve you, dismantling them takes time, patience, and compassion.

The first step is always to solidly ground yourself in the recognition of where you are. If you want to open, it’s important to begin to understand what is closed and why.

So just observe your defenses, to start. Then slowly begin to explore their roots. Always approach yourself with warmth and understanding while you observe and explore.

As you come to know yourself better and better, you’ll see how to create the safety you need NOW. Giving yourself what you need allows you to open and let go of the defenses that no longer serve you – one small piece at a time.

To Open, Start Small

Letting yourself open is a process similar to blossoming. It takes time. It’s affected by changes in the weather. It isn’t a linear path and it doesn’t happen overnight. But, through cold snaps, warm sunny afternoons and refreshing rains, the blossom does open and the flower does bloom!

So, as you help yourself to open, be patient. You may want to free yourself of defenses, but know that they’ve accumulated for a reason. You don’t find time by trying to move through this process quickly. Indeed, trying to go fast will actually impede your progress.

Instead, move mindfully, knowing that each defense that you let go of lightens your load and also changes you profoundly. Savor these changes, one blossoming petal at a time!

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