Opening to the New – Choosing Powerfully in Each Moment

Dawn Sky Opening to the New

Opening to the new is a gift you give yourself!

Opening to the new is a conscious choice that you have the power to make in each and every moment of your life.

Every time you make this choice you give yourself the gift of a new beginning.

And yet your time and what it can hold is concrete and limited. There simply isn’t room for everything. So opening to something new entails letting go of something else.

That’s part of the rhythm of living, and making these choices as consciously as you can allows you to shape your time in a whole new way.

Opening to the New – Set the Stage for Success

What if you chose to set the tone for your day with your first hour? You can consciously create this gift for yourself, making space for the new day. Letting go of the night, you step forward powerfully and planfully. How?

Well, for starters there are lots of concrete things you can do to set your day. For example, the night before you might make your lunch, set the table for breakfast, lay out clothes for the day, and have a planned ritual for waking up.

There are two categories of activities that help you set the stage — routines and rituals.

Routines involve activities that are almost automatic. These are helpful when you may not be fully awake. They help you save time and create space.

Rituals require mindful attention. Here’s where you truly open to the new and deepen your experience of your moments. Meditating and writing are excellent tools for invoking the power of ritual and bringing it to your morning moments.

Opening Your Heart to Your Day

The popular TV show “Friday Night Lights” had a motto that I borrow here. As the team in the show prepared for a game, they’d say, in unison, “Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose.”

Your time success is founded on your time choices, and your time choices are enhanced immeasurably by your vision and the fullness of your heart. Creating a day that starts from a grounded and expansive place is one of the best gifts going.

So I invite you to give this a try. Open your day the heart-based way, and here’s to becoming your own time expert in 2016!

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