Outdated Software Slows You Down. So Try One of These Free Programs

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Don’t let out-of-date software slow you down.

Software makes your computer run. And when it’s outdated, software will slow you down.

So, I was pleased to read a post on Lifewire that reviews 9 Free Software Updater Programs.

Indeed, to be as efficient and productive as possible in your computer-based work, you want to have the latest version of your tech tools.

Not only that, but outdated software is a potential risk for your computer since hackers can take advantage of unpatched vulnerabilities.

Software Updates – Knowing Where You Stand

Of course, you can rely on your various software vendors to notify you when their products have updates available, but this can be a hit-or-miss process. You are relying on a third party for a vital function.

Wouldn’t you rather have the capacity to take care of this yourself?

Well, that’s where these free programs come in handy. Most of them start by scanning your software to see what you have and when it was last updated. Then they look for available updates and let you know if additional steps are needed.

Some of the updaters will automatically download and install your updates. This isn’t something I’m generally comfortable with. I’d rather be offered a choice and then make my own decision.

3 Top Updaters

Here’s a taste of the updaters available. Below are the top 3 possibilities, taken from the list of the top 9 software updaters on Lifewire.

PC App Store — This is a free updater that automatically scans every installed program on a schedule and prompts you to download an updated version when necessary.

Patch My PC Updater — This updater installs patches as well as updates. It also works as a simple software uninstaller.

FileHippo App Manager — This program scans your computer for updates. The results show up in your browser along with links to download the updates on FileHippo’s website.

Staying Safe on the Web

As with any web-based tools and applications, be sure you check into possible safety issues before downloading anything. If you’ve got anti-virus software (and you definitely should) it will scan sites and let you know if there are dangers ahead.

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