Outsmart Scarcity and Live in Abundant Time

Vegetables-Scarcity or Abundance

Scarcity or abundance – you decide.

Scarcity makes your life smaller – much smaller than it actually is or needs to be. You have the ability to outsmart that mentality – and today I want to help you get started so that you move out of scarce time and into abundant time.

The scarcity mentality can arise in any situation. It’s not just about work or school pressure  and stress. It can also arise when your choices are all about fun – like when there are too many summer plans to fit into the available days.

Don’t let urgency eat a hole in YOUR creativity and take the fun out of fun!

Replacing a scarcity-based perception of time with one founded in abundant time enriches you through all the seasons! So join me as we explore this subject in a series of posts and step into wisdom, abundance and joy.

Abundant Time — What’s It Feel Like?

Have you experienced the pleasure of living fully engaged? You are in the flow, and new possibilities materialize as if by magic. It’s delightful! And it’s good for you, too.

Working from an abundance mentality promotes your well-being. It sparks creativity and enriches your relationships. You feel spacious.

And life feels like a welcoming adventure.

Scarcity Time — A Trap You Can Avoid

But nowadays, it’s all too easy to fall into a scarcity mentality. This thinking ties you up in knots and sours your perspective. Worst of all, it’s so common that you may not even realize you’re ensnared in its vicious cycle.

Are YOU caught in this time trap without even knowing it?

Here’s a quick quiz to find out:

Quiz: Scarcity or Abundance Mentality?

Try on each of the statements below for size. Do you resonate? Are they true for you?

Mark each with a T for True or an F for False. This lets you see how you tend to approach your time. It gives you a starting point for change.

  • As soon as I wake up, I feel under pressure.
  • Often I feel like I’m trapped on a treadmill.
  • There’s never time to do what I truly want to do.
  • There’s no room to experiment, let along slip up!
  • I find myself dreading change.

Would you answer “True” to these statements sometimes, or even often?

If so, take heart. What your results actually mean is that you can dramatically improve your energy and productivity by overcoming the scarcity mentality.

Now that you know where you stand, stay tuned, in upcoming posts we’ll be exploring exactly how you can change this for yourself and start living more expansively and successfully in abundant time.


  1. I love the possibilities here – thanks, Paula!

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