Penguin 2.0 and SEO: Don’t be Scared, But This Information is Well Worth Your Time!

Penguin 2.0Penguin 2.0 is the latest iteration of Google’s search engine algorithms and the changes may well have had an impact (and I mean a negative one) on your blog’s or website’s rankings.

As with the previous algorithm changes undertaken by Google, Penguin 2.0 has the stated aim  of improving the quality of on-line content and is specifically aimed at the quality of the links offered in blog posts and on websites.

Penguin 2.0:  Some Resource Material

Here at The Time Finder we are still learning about Penguin 2.0, assessing the impact it’s had on us, and cleaning up links and code that need attention.  Here are some of the resources that we are using as we work to be more address some of the issues that Penguin 2.0 has presented us with:

PENGUIN 2.0: WHAT IT MEANS FOR PUBLISHERS is an article by Jessica Davis that was published on the Zemanta Site.  In this excellent overview she writes:

Online content creators, publishers and web masters often include links in content that are not spammy but are completely irrelevant to the topic and the content. This is done to gather as many inbound links as possible but the links make no sense in the content. Google wants to put an end to this link building technique. According to Matt Cutts, bloggers and online writers should follow the example of researchers and academic papers. A link in online content should be like a citation in academic papers – completely relevant and useful to the content. Basically a publisher should link to other articles only if they have actually used those articles as sources or inspiration.

Publishers cannot simply link to other blog posts to get some traction for old content. The links need to be completely relevant to the content of the blog post if a publisher wishes to remain unharmed from Penguin 2.0. This latest algorithm update was released a month ago and quite a few websites have been hit hard because of it.

Google’s Penguin 2.0 Algorithm: The Definitive Guide by Jayson DeMers offers a very comprehensive overview of what is known so far about Penguin 2.0 and its impact.  In his piece he includes some helpful tools and in-depth articles including:

5 post-Penguin 2.0 SEO restoration tips is an article from .net Magazine that offers 5 tips for cleaning up your site and restoring your ranking if you’ve been adversely impacted by Penguin 2.0.  I suggest that you take a look at the Penguin Tool to see, in graphic form, how your blog or website has been affected – and then work from there to improve your ranking.

Penguin 2.0 and You: Don’t Panic AND Don’t Ignore!

Penguin 2.0, like its predecessors, is aimed at improving search engine results, weeding out spammy practices, and enhancing the quality of web-content.  So, the good news is that it generally rewards entrepreneurs and on-line business owners who are playing by the rules and offering solid content.

Nonetheless, every time the rules change, even a little bit, the ripple effect can be significant.  Practices that may have been helpful, or at least neutral, in the pre-Penguin 2.0 world may now be detrimental to your traffic rank.

Below is a video from Google offering a brief overview of Penguin 2.0.  You can access this, and other helpful info at Google’s Webmaster Tools channel (I suggest that you subscribe and keep in touch with the latest info on all things related to Google and SEO).

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Google or with any other the analytic tools mentioned here and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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