Perfectionism Eating Your Time and Energy? Here’s Your First of 3 Timely Tips

Perfectionism in actionPerfectionism is a big problem for many people – myself included!

It’s a powerful and insidious time trap, perfectionism is.  And the best time management tips may actually be undermined when they appeal to the perfectionist in you.

Perfectionism eats up your time.

Because of your drive to achieve perfection, you always aim for the ultimate.  In that pursuit, perfectionism can actually interfere with your productivity.

Remember, the perfect is the enemy of the good!  How often have you caught yourself agonizing over the perfect wording for a sales letter or broadcast e-mail?

When you do that, does it interfere with other tasks?  Does it make you late for deadlines?  And how does it make you feel about taking risks or trying a new idea?

Perfectionism eats up your energy.

Stopping the flow of your creativity and productivity isn’t the only problem with overly high standards.

Perfectionism has a big negative impact on the quality of your experience of your moments!  Your unrealistic goals create stress and an atmosphere of constant self-criticism, because you set yourself up to ALWAYS fall short.

Perfectionism:  Consider Life Without It!

In reality, non-perfectionists may accomplish just as much as we perfectionists do.  And they accomplish it with considerably less wear and tear.  Just think about the missed meals, the troubled sleep, the way stress and that constant feeling of coming up short interferes with each and every moment.

And while you can’t retrieve the precious time you’ve lost, you can begin to  free yourself from perfectionism.  With clarity and compassion, one step at a time, you can get there.

3 Timely Tips to Free Yourself from Perfectionism Starting NOW

Here’s the first of your tips.  Stay tuned for two more next Tuesday!

Timely Tip #1: Your Heart Holds the Key.

Perfectionism is based on erroneous self-critical beliefs. The root of your perfectionism lies in the fear that what you do won’t be good enough. And ultimately, it springs from the fear that you yourself don’t measure up.

Your heart, your compassion, are what hold the true power here.  When you warmly accept who you are – every bit of you – your desire for perfection begins to melt.

This simple step, practiced regularly, can lead to a dramatic transformation. Your inner nagging voice loses some of its power when you embrace your humanity, ‘imperfections’ and all.

Come back on Tuesday, for two more timely tips to tame your perfectionism and free up your time and energy!

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