Perfectionism Got You Stuck? Use These 3 Questions to Free Your Time!

Perfectionism Time GremlinPerfectionism is one of the most undermining, deceptive, and energy-sapping Time Gremlins around.  Do you feel its effects in your life?

In this post I am going to walk you through the process of stepping away from perfectionism so that you can gain a grounded perspective and start claiming your power and achieving your goals.

Slaying the Dragon of Perfectionism

You’re a true hero in your life each time you free yourself from painful patterns like perfectionism. No one else can overpower your Time Gremlins.  And the truth is that when they are entrenched, as perfectionism surely can be, it is a real battle, dislodging them.  Slaying dragons is a metaphor that is more accurate than you might imagine!

So when self-defeating behavior is deeply rooted, call upon your full range of strengths to overcome it. With wholehearted effort, you not only improve your time choices, you also develop more strength and focus for everything you do.

Reduce Your Perfectionism with a Dose of Reality

To get at the roots of your perfectionism, compassion is essential. Rationality is, too.

Perfectionism is mired in sour, judgmental self-criticism.  So matter-of-fact questions invite you to set down old assumptions to come up with fresh answers.

Asking yourself simple, straightforward, rational questions leads you to rethink, revise and reject your impossible quest for perfection:

Root Out Perfectionism with These 3 Questions

Ingrained assumptions don’t like to be challenged by facts.  That’s because they are not based in reality.  Once you decide to stand up to your perfectionism, you can take advantage of this!

The next time you tell yourself, “But it’s still not perfect,” ask these 3 questions:

  • What does perfect mean in this instance?
  • How might a neutral onlooker describe the project at present?
  • What do you learn from this?

Perfectionism eats up the energy and undermines the confidence of countless bright, energetic, and talented people. Are you one of them?

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