Perfectionism, Procrastination and Transformation: More Favorites for Finding Time

Perfectionism, Procrastination, and TransformationPerfectionism, Procrastination, Transformation and Tech Tips – these were among the top subject areas as I survey readers’ Time Finder Favorites for April!

So, take a look at the compilation below and see if we’ve captured your favorite posts.

Topping the list of Time Finder Favorites for April was a post from last fall titled Time-Saving Tips: Telltale Traits of Perfectionists.

Here are some considerations to help you explore what perfectionism actually feels like. Opening to these time-saving tips will help you see whether perfectionism is an issue for you.

Not far behind was a post about procrastination.  (I think I am noticing a theme here!)  Procrastination Got You Stuck? Self-Criticism Might Be the Culprit!  This post offers powerful tips to address procrastination and get yourself on track …

Knowing where your procrastination is coming from is half the battle, and one of the things I’ve noticed in my years of coaching, is how often procrastination is fear-based.

Another popular post focused on ways that you can transform your sense of time.  Rituals Revitalize, Deepen and Expand Your Energy and Time!

While time is concrete and finite (there are 60-seconds in every minute, no matter what), our experience of time is highly subjective. And it’s the experience of time that rituals transform.

While perfectionism and procrastination ranked high as concerns for our readers, time-saving tech tools rounded out our top 5 Time Finder posts.  Check out these two ideas to find yourself more time:

The tools are so rich and varied!

Looking back is a great way to get the ground under your feet as you move into a new month … so I invite you pause, take stock, and think about your time challenges.  Are there topics you’d like me to explore here at The Time Finder as the month of May unfolds?  Nagging time questions or challenges?  Drop me a line – I’d love to help!

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