Perfectionism Tips and Time Tools: Favorites from The Time Finder

Perfectionism, procrastination and other time tips.Perfectionism, self-criticism, procrastination and other time and energy drains were very much on the minds of readers of The Time Finder this past month.  And, of course, time-saving tech tools and tips are always popular among web-based business owners, entrepreneurs, and readers who want to make the most of their on-line time.

So as we enter April and the unfolding of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), join me and take a look back at 3 top posts, as readers of The Time Finder voted with their page views!

Perfectionism:  Tips for Overcoming It

Ranking high on our list of top posts were two entries about perfectionism:  Perfectionism Eating Your Time and Energy? Here’s Your First of 3 Timely Tips and its companion, Perfectionism Trap: Free Yourself with 2 More Timely Tips!  These two posts, in tandem, offer you powerful ides to help you step away from one of the most insidious time drains there is – especially for high-achieving people.

When you were a child, your perfectionism may have started as an honest attempt to do your best and to please others who were important to you.

Now, though, your task is to expose the illusions of perfectionism, so that the power of reality can free you to step into your real strengths.

Procrastination and Self-Criticism:  Empower Yourself

Self-critical messages hurt AND keep you stuck.  Countering them was a major theme on The Time Finder in March – and we hope you had a chance to explore those posts.  Here’s one that readers were especially drawn to:  Self-Critical Messages: Don’t Let Them Devour Your Time!

Self-critical messages probably eat up as much time and energy as positive, productive activity does. But when all’s said and done, those self-critical messages leave you with nothing to show for that time and energy … EXCEPT more grist for that negative, nagging inner critic!

Tech Tools to Help You Find More Time

While subjects like perfectionism and procrastination are always timely, tech tools and tips capture the interest of many readers.  Two text expansion tools that we wrote about in February continued to be top vote-getters in March.  Did you read Time-Saving Tools: 2 for Today to Download! this past month?  If not, take a look.  I know that my VA swears by AutoHotKey!

Did we find time for your favorite today?  If not, let me know … I’d love to hear what interests you most, and address your time questions and challenges here.

So, here’s to April … and to bringing the power of compassion to bear on perfectionism, procrastination, and our other time traps, as we step into Spring and our fullest power!

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