Procrastination Panic Doesn’t Have to Win Out — Try These Tips

Procrastination’s most famous mantra may have been best expressed by Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind when she said, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” But they aren’t words that are limited to old Hollywood movies. Indeed, I’m guessing that most of us have at least thought, if not uttered, those words more than a few…

Rice and Time — Here’s Some Help to Move You from Thought to Action

Rice and time? Really? What does rice have to do with time? And what do rice and time have to do with you, for that matter? Well, this Chinese proverb gets to the point powerfully, as so many proverbs do: Talk doesn’t cook rice. Whoever came up with Nike’s old “Just do it” slogan may…

Moving into the New. So, What Do You Bring as You Begin Your Journey?

Everything is new again. Making a new beginning is marked by a feeling of anticipation and maybe a little nervousness. It’s also marked by a letting go of things you don’t need for the next step of your journey. That’s because stepping into the new always means ending something. And by the same token, marking…

Stuck? 5 Tips Get You Moving Again

Stuck? You know the feeling … you want so much to move forward on a project, but somehow, you just can’t budge. Frustration mounts and time passes. Wouldn’t you LOVE to step beyond stuck? Well, sometimes, you can work wonders by exercising your mind’s innate flexibility. Asking unexpected questions can help your brain transition from old ruts to new…

Reader’s Choice – Priority-Setting, Perfectionism and Other Time Tips

Priority-setting was a subject that many of you were drawn to last month. Did you see this post “Find Time to Set Wise Priorities Using the 3/3/3 Exercise”? Well, it’s got some very timely tips for you – especially as we move into a new month.

Fear is Toxic – Don’t Let it Poison Your Time

Fear. It’s the last thing you need. But how often does it creep into your thinking, distracting and undermining you? On the other hand, don’t you love it when you feel energized, alert and confident? Challenges feel workable, and 

Clutter, Perfectionism and Sudden Change – Your Top Time Tips Today!

Clutter was the topic that readers of The Time Finder were most drawn to this past month, with two posts about clutter cracking the top five over the past 30 days. Here’s a quick overview of the posts that most caught your fancy. Peruse them quickly here,