Physical Activity — 3 Tips to Keep You Moving No Matter What

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Physical exercise — the ball is in your court…

Physical activity is so important to your well-being. And here in NH that becomes difficult as winter arrives.

Indeed, finding time for physical activity can be a special challenge when the weather isn’t conducive to getting outside.  Then it’s tempting to procrastinate about exercising or let it drop out of your routine entirely.

But ultimately, dropping the ball on exercise will leave you feeling drained of energy and less connected to the flow of your day.

Why?  Because the benefits of physical exercise can be felt in every area of your life — your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Physical Activity — 3 Tips

So here’s something to try, to help you make sure that exercise doesn’t fall off your radar when weather is bad or busy times (like the holidays) affect your routine:

  • Make exercise a priority. When you plan your to do list for the coming day, if exercise is going to be on your agenda, be sure to write that on your list.
  • Don’t over-extend. Make sure that your daily to do list includes what you realistically can do.  Remember, it’s a TO do list – not a SHOULD do list.
  • Expand your view of exercise. Don’t limit yourself to considering a 2-mile run exercise but not a 15 minute walk.  ALL exercise is important and helpful.  Let yourself see and celebrate that.

Including some form of exercise in your day is a powerful way of connecting with yourself, your time, and your energy.

How will you get started today?

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