Pictual and an E-mail Cyber Monday Time Tip!

Pictual SamplePictual is a nifty app that my VA just discovered for creating infographics to share in social media. If you’d like to find a way to quickly create a visual update to share with your friends and followers, then I suggest that you take a look at Pictual.  The image we’ve shared here is just one example of something you can create using Pictual, in a matter of seconds. Here’s how the folks at Pictual describe their free app:

Pictual is a beautiful, intelligent and simple picture-messaging app that uses design-magic to transform your words into pictures that encapsulate your mood, personality and emotion. You simply enter what you want to say and hit “Go”! Within an instant you will see a list of beautiful pictuals that showcase your words visually. Alternatively, you can browse through the tons of beautiful trending pictuals and pick one that matches your thoughts. And for the photo-sharer inside you, check out the camera tab. You can snap a photo and put it inside beautiful pictuals as well.

Pictual – The Overview

So, while you can use the collection of stock images that the app offers, it’s nice that you can also upload your own images – even creating them right on the spot! Here’s a quick video that gives you an overview of what Pictual does and how it works …

When you create an image, you have a number of sharing options, including e-mailing it to yourself, saving it to Dropbox, or posting it immediately so that your friends and followers can see it! Pictual #2

When it comes to finding time to quickly offer an attractive, eye-catching and thought-provoking update, Pictual appears to offer some excellent possibilities. Right now it’s available as an app only for the iPhone/iPad, but hopefully it will soon also be available for other devices.  So, check it out – and drop me a line – I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Quick E-Mail Tip

This past week, I found myself inundated with e-mails from friends and acquaintances – some with time questions – some offering workshops and new products – and some just saying hi or touching base.

What I noticed was how much those e-mails, no matter what they were about, interrupted my focus and the flow of my work.  So that led me to re-institute a practice that’s always helpful – and that I’d let slip for myself. I changed the settings on my e-mail so that I DON’T receive a notification when e-mails arrive.

Instead, I check my in-box on my own schedule.  That way, I am not constantly interrupted and can really dig in and concentrate on the tasks that I need to complete! Checking every hour generally works for me – but you can certainly create your own schedule.

I highly recommend this simple change to your e-mail settings, to help you be more productive and feel more in charge of your own time!

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