Piles of Paper Cluttering Your Space? Here’s Some Help…


Don’t let piles of paper clutter your life…

If piles of paper accumulate in your space, this is the post for you.

I often save material that I want to look at later. And if you visited my office, you’d often see piles of paper here and there.

Over time, they grow, don’t they, those piles of paper?

And then there comes a point where you start to feel overwhelmed by it all.

Dealing with your piles of paper:

Managing clutter is a challenge we all face. And paper clutter, for many, presents its own unique challenges.

As someone who accumulates paper, and yes, paper clutter, I definitely have moments when I feel like I am drowning.

Maybe it’s the interesting article I plan to read. Sometimes it’s the letter I need to answer or the receipt I need to file.

Whatever the specific content, “How do I deal with all the paper?” is a perennial question for me.

3-Step Process

So here are 3 steps that I’ve found helpful in my paper decluttering process. And before initiating this process, the over-arching advice I have for you is to start small. No matter what task you’re tackling, chunking it down into bite-sized pieces helps you experience success, build momentum, and keep going.

1. Recycle those piles of paper:

I’m a big recycler. And an extra benefit of recycling is that it creates an intermediate stage in letting go. When you put pieces of paper that you’re finished with into your recycling box you create space for changing your mind. Decide on when you’ll empty your recycling, giving yourself whatever time span feels comfortable. I generally recycle every two weeks. So, if I haven’t needed those papers in those two weeks, I’m much more comfortable letting go. And if I do need it, in the interim, I know right where to find it.

2. Scanning Helps:

A second step that I am considering as an aid to letting go is the idea of scanning certain key documents. Being able to categorize and store things on my computer is new to me, and I’m exploring it with some trepidation. I can see the potential, though. The key here is to make sure that you’ve got a really good backup system. You certainly don’t want to throw out any key documents. So, before you recycle your paper, make sure that you’ve got everything scanned, saved, secure, and backed up.

3. Everything Counts:

A third tip that has been helpful for me in letting go has been to remember that even small accomplishments “count.” I try to get rid of a few pieces of paper a day and validate my choices each and every time I let go. This slow, steady progress builds on itself. I am gratified by the results and am gradually creating new habits for myself.

Is letting go of paper a challenge for you?

What systems do you have in place to help you with it? What step will you take today?

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