Plan for Change: How to Manage Life’s Up’s and Down’s


Plan for change to thrive.

When you plan for change, you give yourself a reality-based boost.

Indeed, The more you plan for change, the less you need to change your plans.”

So, time management techniques are only as powerful as you are realistic. And even the best time skills will never provide you with the level of control you might like to exercise over your time.

That’s because life is always bigger than your plans.

So your best strategy is to cultivate openness to change.

Plan for change…

Most time management models are static, and people often base their planning on hopeful illusions of life’s predictability. So you might encounter resistance from many quarters if you approach planning differently, and base your time management upon a world in constant transition.

Voices inside you and outside you may present arguments like these:

  1. “Change is unpredictable. Why even think about it?”
  2. “Unpredictability can generate stress. Best to stick with what you know.”
  3. “With change comes losses along with gains. So avoid change to avoid getting hurt.”
  4. “Change requires added focus and work. Tiring to even consider.”
  5. “When change comes it reveals the limits of your control. How frustrating is that?”

Of course, it’s human nature to resent new and shifting demands. Fortunately, it’s also human nature to thrive when such challenges are embraced. As Charles Darwin opined, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

5 Benefits When You Embrace Change

  1. The more you accept and plan for change as a constant, the more prepared you become. The more prepared you are, the more productive you are.
  2. Expecting change keeps you alert and interested. Resistance generates stress and inflexibility. Your effectiveness increases when you engage with curiosity.
  3. Genuinely accepting the inevitability of loss and change lessens the pain of it. It also helps you focus on creating gains from new developments.
  4. You develop new strengths when you focus and work to welcome change. Intensive times of growth foster positive turning points in your life.
  5. Truly accepting the limits of your control helps you train your focus on what you can change. And that’s where all your power lies.

You may be surrounded by the temptation to pursue safe routines that turn into ruts. But those who excel not only accept life’s ongoing changes but also capitalize on them.

Notice which friends routinely discourage you from expanding your horizons, and which friends encourage your taking reasonable risks to grow. Develop a community of support for yourself, and you will attract more opportunities to revitalize your life, both personally and professionally.

What is your next step in embracing change and making the most of your time?

Here’s more help as you plan for change:

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