Plan to Unplug – A Refreshing Gift to Give Yourself


Unplug and give yourself some space …

When you unplug you give yourself a gift that has lots of positive ramifications for the quality of your life. And yet, while you might intend to give yourself a break from the on-line world, how often do you actually follow-through and do it?

When you unplug you step away from the constant chatter of our interconnected world and give yourself much-needed space to be quietly with your own thoughts. It’s like a deep breath, or a cool drink of water.

And ironically, it takes a lot of discipline to give yourself a gift like this. It isn’t easy to unplug.

Set Aside time to Unplug

The best way to make sure you give yourself this peaceful gift of mindfulness is to schedule it.

Being on-line can be addictive, so it helps to know up-front that stepping away may not be easy at first. So start small — say with a 15-minute chunk of time — and build from that base.

It may make it easier for you if you make your devices — your computer and tablet and phone — inaccessible at first. Going for a walk outside removes you from any temptation. Meditating is another activity that you might find helpful to your unplugging efforts.

Unplug to Reboot

It may feel most challenging to do this when you are busy, but that’s the time when stepping away probably offers the greatest rewards.

Think of it as rebooting your modem. Taking a moment to be alone, be quiet, and breathe offers respite from constant input. It also gives you a quick reminder that you are in charge of your time and your life.

This single, quiet choice puts your feet back on the ground in a most practical and profound way. So I invite you to make this a part of your daily repertoire — both as a scheduled refresher and as an ‘as-needed’ time tool.

Here’s to your time success!

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