Planning for the Future with Everplans

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Planning with Everplans helps secure your future.

Planning for the future is your best course if you want to be ready for what comes your way. And though it’s not something that we naturally want to think about, the inevitable future for each and every one of us holds the end of our lives.

So, it’s interesting that this one sure thing is so often not a part of our planning. We put it off. Maybe we are in denial. Maybe we feel like we are too busy.

But when it comes to planning, the time you invest in planning for the end of your life is a great gift, both to yourself and to your family and friends.

Everplans Legal Information

Your planning includes letting people know where to find important documents.

Planning and leaving clear directions regarding your wishes helps to remove unnecessary elements of uncertainty and stress at a time of sadness, grief – and perhaps also shock.

It relieves you of worry, too. And depending on the relationships of your friends and family, the clarity of your planning and directions helps remove possible areas of conflict.

So today I’d like to share, again, a planning tool that we’ve written about before here at The Time Finder. It’s a secure, on-line, digital archive of information that you create now — so that it can be available to friends and loved ones after you have died. Called Everplans, it walks you through the decisions you’ll need to make and gives you places to record your choices.

The site offers plenty of resources for planning, along with state-by-state information to help you navigate the details and legalities of your choices. There’s an Everplans blog, too!


Your medical information – all in one place where your loved ones can find it.

Your decisions are recorded and stored securely on-line, and you can choose “deputies” to whom you give access to your plan. This may be your whole plan, or you may delegate different pieces of it to different people.

Whatever you decide, you are putting very useful information into the hands of those closest to you – at a time when they will most need it.

I invite you to explore the resources that Everplans  provides. It’s a very customizable, user friendly tool that helps you organize and demythologize end-of-life decisions.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Everplans and have received no compensation for writing this post.

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