Planning Power Times Two

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Your planning power in action…

Tapping into your planning power helps you find time.

Not only that, but your planing power is also a sure-fire way to reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

But what do I mean by planning power? Well, it’s your choice to look ahead and prioritize your goals, along with the time you think it will take to accomplish them.

Notice I said your choice — not your ability. This is always about your time choices. And here are two choices for you to consider making, to activate your planning power.

Two Planning Power Choices

The first choice to consider is using the Times 2 Rule when planning.

This rule saves you from falling into the trap of thinking you can do things more quickly than is realistic.  Using it in your planning means you estimate the amount of time you think a project will take and then double it!

This counters our human tendency to underestimate the time required for a task. It also helps by building in time for interruptions and glitches.  You can read more about the Times Two Rule in my article “Finding Time by Using the Times 2 Rule – 5 Powerful Tips to Regain Control of Your Time” at

Utilizing the Times 2 Rule is an important way to ensure that your peace of mind is factored into the effectiveness equation. Never forget your assertive right to claim the time you need to get the job done.

More Planning Power for You

In tandem with The Times 2 Rule, I invite you to consider using my Three and Five-Column Templates for time planning. They help make your planning that much more realistic. 

Using either of these templates you’ll be able to see very clearly where your planning was on-target and where your estimates missed the mark. Then you can tweak your planning as needed.

Combining one or both of these with the Times 2 Rule should stand you in good stead as you plan your time.

And don’t forget to plan time for self-care and reflection. Remember – the way you use your time is the way you live your life.

Here’s some help…

The Five-Column Time Estimation Template gives you a flexible and practical format for working with time estimates and sharpening your time-planning skills.

  • See where you under or over-estimate your time.
  • Notice patterns and start addressing them.

The Three-Column Scheduling Template gives you a simple and practical format for zeroing in on the snags in your schedule so you can address them and find more time.

  • Recognize patterns like procrastination, over-booking, not being able to say no, etc..
  • Concretize your time choices and their impact on your day.

Visit our Time Resources Page and sign up for one or both of these complimentary templates and the bonuses that come with them.

Feel empowered and energized as you take better care of yourself and stop letting time inflation rob you of precious time.

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