Positive Productivity: How to Boost Your Energy and Move Yourself to Success

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Give your productivity a boost today…

Finding time to enhance your productivity by accomplishing daily tasks or working toward long-term goals requires focus and discipline.  And it requires energy.

So, building in small rewards for yourself along the way helps.


Well, it boosts your focus, helping you stay on track. And your rewards also provide breaks that motivate and refresh!

When you are consistent with yourself, you build self-trust and immediately boost your energy by matching your words with your actions. In the end, this also strengthens your self-discipline.  That’s because, when you follow up your promises to yourself with concrete action, you heighten your incentive to focus on tasks. And that includes the ones that you might otherwise be inclined to procrastinate about.

So how do you go about setting this positive cycle in motion?

Here are 7 energy tips to boost your productivity, starting today…

  • Start small.
    Never make a promise you may not be able to follow through on.
  • Don’t retract; reschedule.
    If you can’t follow through on a reward, don’t just let it drop!  Replace the reward and make time for it.
  • Set your bar for success.
    Don’t make your rewards conditional on overambitious tasks.
  • Go public.
    If reinforcement helps, tell a friend what you intend to do.
  • Practice builds proficiency.
    Build in a small reward every day — or even more often — to keep yourself on track.
  • Build up.
    Gradually include larger rewards, calibrating them to more complex or time-consuming tasks.
  • Free treats.
    Leave time for fun.  Build in time for yourself that is not dependent upon achievement. Take one day a month for whatever you want to do, no matter what. This will recharge your energy and enhance your creativity.

Your productivity will shine…

Finding time to provide meaningful rewards to yourself is a powerful tool.

It helps you foster focus and discipline while also boosting your energy, alertness, and creativity.  And when you begin to build in rewards along the way, you’ll see an increase in your productivity.

What kinds of small rewards are meaningful for you?  Can you build three of them into your day today?  I invite you to give it a try – and let me know how it goes.  I’d love to hear!

But what if procrastination gets in your way?

If procrastination holds you back, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of people struggle with this energy draining time thief. Procrastination’s costs include lost productivity, lost income, lost opportunities, frazzled nerves and damaged relationships.

My accessible and immediately actionable E-Guide Book titled I Don’t Know Where to Start!” How to Stop Stalling, Get Clear, and Turn Procrastination into Productivity offers you a clear path to get to the roots of your procrastination and start doing rather than delaying — today.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start!” unmasks this time thief with exercises to help you identify your own unique brand of procrastination. And it provides insights to help you successfully address what you discover.

That’s the good news! You really can make conscious choices about your time and how to use it. And you really can change old habits and patterns. Using the tools and skills you’ll learn in “I Don’t Know Where to Start” you’ll get started and keep going.

To learn more about this powerful E-Guide Book and its accompanying bonuses, just click this link.

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