Positive Self-Talk is a Powerful Time-Saver

Cool Cup of positive self-talk

Positive Self-Talk really helps!

Positive self-talk is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself — ever. And the good news is that positive self-talk is a gift you can give over and over – as often as you like.

When it comes to boosting energy and confidence, there’s nothing better.  But have you ever thought about how your self-talk affects how you use your time?

Well, it’s true. When your inner dialogue  is encouraging you are going to feel hopeful and energized. That means that you’ll have more access to your creativity and problem-solving skills. So, challenges are more easily overcome and barriers don’t stop you in your tracks.

You are continually communicating with yourself through your thoughts. Indeed, your voice is the most influential one that you hear. So your positive self-talk is especially motivating — because you are the person who knows every detail about your life. The power of your thoughts is palpable. Do you choose to build yourself up with positive encouragement?

Positive Self-Talk – Do You Use It?

It’s worth pausing to think about, isn’t it?  Just as you choose the words you speak to others, do you carefully select what you say to myself? Here are some affirmations to consider, as you work to make positive self-talk a bigger part of your life:

  • Every idea I express to myself is a reflection of my love and self-acceptance.
  • By addressing myself with encouraging words, I cultivate a positive attitude within me.
  • My constructive self-talk helps me brush aside any negativity aimed at me throughout the day.
  • The voice of self-acceptance, which is constantly building me up inside, serves as a shield from harsh criticism and pessimistic comments.
  • My goal is to be my number one supporter.
  • I clearly see the talents and gifts inside of me.
  • I focus my attention on my strengths by pointing them out to myself.
  • Keeping my best qualities at the forefront of my thoughts motivates me to rise above challenges.

As a result of positive self-talk, you will begin to see your energy and your attitude transforming itself. The voice of your Inner Critic recedes and you have access to more and more of yourself.

It’s an exciting, positive spiral!

So I encourage you, today, to choose to speak to yourself with respect and honor. Your self-acceptance and supportive inner dialogue combine to propel you toward finding time for success.

Regardless of what you may hear from others, you can always count of yourself to be your greatest friend, support and motivator.

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