Your Power Sanctuary – Create One Today to Recharge for the Holidays

Power SanctuaryYour power sanctuary is a place you go to recharge your batteries so you can bring your best self to your moments.  Sometimes it seems like we treat our iPads and cell phones better than we treat ourselves.

And that’s often especially true during busy times like the holidays.

The following post is based on one of my Finding Time E-zines.  It’s certainly timely advice, as the holiday season approaches.  And I’d add that a power sanctuary is something that enhances your life no matter what time of year it is.

Your Power Sanctuary and the Holidays

Imagine if you could actually HEAR the sound of your time and energy as the holiday season gears up. What would greet your ears? A song? Or would it be a growl? Or maybe a whimper?  How do you truly feel about the coming season?

Year-end demands can strain relationships, compound oversights and leave you on edge. You might often feel that you’re running on empty – or at least almost-empty. That’s why it’s enormously helpful for you to create a power sanctuary for yourself – and visit it throughout the holiday season!

What I mean by a power sanctuary is an inner haven you cultivate for both self-renewal and clarity.

In this space:

  • You recharge your vitality and confidence.
  • You listen to the quiet messages of your heart – because here it speaks its deepest wisdom.
  • * You accept yourself and actively appreciate your uniqueness!

Your Power Sanctuary Opens Doors

The self-loyalty that you demonstrate every time you visit your power sanctuary feeds your courage and illuminates new possibilities.

You emerge from your sanctuary refreshed and energized, with renewed ease and decisiveness.

So indulge yourself – and remember that this isn’t ‘mere’ indulgence.  This is really a matter of self care and responsibility.  The more you give yourself of what you need – during this season and ANY time – the more available you are for your moments.

It’s really that simple!

Envision what a mini power sanctuary would look like and feel like to you … relax and breathe in clear, calm energy. As you create this wellspring of rejuvenation, you can draw on it throughout your day.

You’ll stay much more focused, optimistic, centered and productive.

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  1. Matthew Bauman says

    I needed this article today. I work from home and need to find a place where I can recharge. Thanks!

  2. Hi Matthew – Time boundaries and taking care of YOU can be a huge challenge when you work from home. I am so glad to hear that you are going to be creating some boundaries and space for yourself, so that work doesn’t overflow into the other parts of your life. It makes all the difference!

  3. It’s great to have a ‘special’ place where you can go to recharge your batteries. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a comfy chair in a room with a lock on it to stop others coming in for 10 minutes or so… I like to use scented candles or essential oil burners sometimes because for me they the smell is really relaxing and peaceful. Great tips on creating your own Power Sanctuary and the benefits that will bring.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Andrea – and I absolutely agree. It is amazing how, even the briefest of visits to a simple power sanctuary (whatever that is for you) can refresh and rejuvenate … AND deepen the experience of each moment that follows!

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