Your Power Sanctuary for the Holidays – Timely Tips

Power SanctuaryEarlier this week I wrote about the importance of self care – and how creating your own personal power sanctuary gives you the space you need – when you need it – to recharge your batteries and greet your moments with your fullest self.

So, today I’d like to share just a few timely  tips … to help you make your power sanctuary a reality in your life:

First, tune into your unique ideal environment with exquisite focus.

Don’t hold back here.  Really immerse yourself in the pleasure of it … the swirl of colors, fragrances, and sounds. The more specific and evocative the images you collect, the better able you’ll be to access your inner hideaway in the midst of a busy day.

Use all the tools that are available … as well as all of your senses.

If a recorded visualization helps you travel within, keep it on hand. Or your touchstone may be something as simple as a tune you can hum, a poem, or a photo.

Travel this inner path to your haven as often as you can.

This takes discipline, and it gives you power in return. To start, set aside at least ten to fifteen minutes daily when you’ll be undisturbed.

See if you can do this the same time each day, and in the same place. This helps you establish an internal rhythm that your body rises to meet. As you become more practiced, you can recreate this sanctuary on the spot, anywhere. And this is your goal – so you can give yourself what you need when you most need it (which won’t always necessarily be at ‘opportune moments.’)

This is why I call it a power sanctuary.

When you nourish yourself with your intuition, you can align your time choices with your deepest values.  Restoring your energy, realism, and optimism becomes so much easier.

So, what starts out as a coping method for the end-of-the-year frazzles can evolve into a year-round exercise in mindfulness and celebration of your potential!

I invite you to start with these tips, get into a rhythm now, and then access your power sanctuary when you need it, during the Holidays and beyond.  And I’d love to hear how it goes for you – and the kinds of challenges you encounter (that’s where the deepest learnings lie).

Here’s to your time success!

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  1. I love this idea of a power sanctuary. If we get into the daily habit of creating a peaceful place for ourselves, whatever that means to us as individuals, the easier it becomes to enter this place wherever we are. For me, of course, as a meditation addict, is somewhere inside me where I can retreat. I have found that I can actually do this anywhere — I once meditated for an entire flight which was packed and very noisy, emerging from the plane feeling refreshed and peaceful, unlike the rest of the passengers and crew who looked decidedly frazzled. Power sanctuaries rock!

  2. Hi Andrea – I so agree about the importance of daily practice … like creating a well-worn path that we can then access when we most need to. Your experience with meditating for an entire flight sounded very powerful – inspiring. Thanks for sharing it!

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