Practical Magic — Activate it With These 7 Powerful Time Tips

precious life -- practical magic
You hold magic in your hands…

Finding time for what matters most to you is not a matter of magic.  Not at all.

But it can feel like magic when you’re giving yourself what you need and moving steadily toward your dreams and goals.

Each and every one of us can develop the skills and apply the discipline necessary to find time. So I like to think of heart-based time management as practical magic.

Want some specifics?

Well, I’ve compiled 7 timely tips and touchstones for you that will help you along your path to time success.  Give them a try — and start experiencing the practical magic that lies within your power all the time.

Timely Tips to Activate Your Magic

  • The “Times 2” Rule: Always plan for things taking more time than you think. Estimate how much time a project or task will take, and double it.
  • Develop a system of organization: Take the time to organize your space and your time. If you have a system, you can do anything.
  • “Done is better than Perfect”: If you find yourself consistently repeating tasks, or editing your writing, to get even insignificant details to be absolutely perfect, reconsider your priorities. Fix what is important, but keep the achievement of your desired outcome as your highest priority.

4 More Tips:

  • Write down or record your ideas immediately when they come to you: Otherwise, you may forget them. Carry a small notebook or keep your phone handy to record your ideas. This will save you hours of frustration trying to recapture a valuable idea.
  • The way you use your time is the way you live your life: Remember that each of us only has 24 hours in each day.  Each choice about how to use your time “in the moment” matters.
  • Set aside one day a month as a “vacation” day: Decide ahead of time what day it will be and note it on your calendar. Then, when that day arrives, use it to do whatever you choose. This habit is guaranteed to rejuvenate your mind and your body.
  • You will not have more time tomorrow: If you do have more unscheduled time tomorrow, other activities will expand to fill it. (See number 1.)  Aim to use your time creatively and effectively each day.

And for more practical magic…

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