Preparation Pays Off: 3 Tips to Save Time!

Preparation saves timePreparation is a time management skill that enhances your flexibility – especially when something unexpected comes up.  The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more you can focus effectively and efficiently in each moment.

And yet, preparation may not be an activity that you think you have time for. This is especially the case when you are busy and feeling pulled in many different directions.  But that is exactly when you need this skill the most!

Preparation Can Be SO Helpful!

The other day I was talking to my VA and she told me about a recent morning when she had overslept.  She had lost an hour and had lots to do before heading off for a work meeting.  She shared how pleased she was to have recently developed a new habit of doing a number of things (like making her lunch, etc.) the night before.  The preparation she had done ahead of time made her late morning workable for her. So it turned into a very empowering experience!

Preparation:  3 Time-Saving Tips:

So, here are 3 tips to consider, as you think about ways that you might build more preparation into your routine:

  •  Step back and scan your daily tasks.  Are there things you do every day that can be set up ahead of time?  I mean things like making your lunch, compiling your to-do list,  or getting together your clothes and other necessities for the day.  Make a list of these kinds of tasks, as well as the times of day when preparation could really give you a boost.
  • Decide on one or two tasks that you will do ahead of time.  I’d suggest that you choose tasks that are simple and quickly accomplished, as you get started.  You are making a significant change in your usual way of doing things, so be ready for some bumps and maybe even some rebellion at first.  Be gentle-but-steady with yourself.  Changing patterns always kicks up some dust!
  • Review and tweak your process.  Check in with yourself about how it’s going.  Maybe a different task would work better.  Maybe you notice that it’s not in the morning but at dinnertime that things get backed up for you.  Don’t be afraid to change things up.  Remember that the goal is to make your life easier and give you more flexibility during the busiest times of your day.

How can you use these 3 Preparation Tips to reduce your stress, give yourself some breathing room, and find more time, starting today?

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