Priorities – Using Life Experiences to Enrich and Deepen Them Over Time

Priorities and AgingPriorities can be difficult to sort out sometimes – especially in all the clamor of everyday life.

Have you noticed that?

And sometimes it feels like that is compounded by aging.

Priorities and Time’s Changes

As time passes, changes pile up.  Life’s developmental tasks shift, and so does our perception of time.  Things we used to think were important fade into the background, while other priorities emerge.

Much of this happens without our choosing it, and many experience the process of aging as a series of losses.  But this is an experience that we can take up, proactively, and transform for ourselves.  It is true that aging brings losses, but that’s not all, not by a long shot!

Rather than focusing just on the losses, I view aging as a bit like panning for gold!  We are all prospectors, and as the years pass, we are afforded rich opportunities to sift through accumulated experience and extract the gold that is hidden there.

It’s just this process that I write about in my upcoming Finding Time E-zine: Timely Tips – How to Power Your Priorities Using Age-Based Wisdom. 

Priorities: Getting Assertive

Proactive, assertive prioritizing allows you to find time for what matters most, even as your roles in life change and your energy levels shift.  It keeps you fundamentally in touch with yourself and allows you to make plans that are current with your needs and your values TODAY (not 10 years ago).

This is a process that requires time, self awareness, compassion, and honesty.  And it is so worthwhile!

How satisfied are you with the way you use your time? Do you squeeze today’s 24 hours into a cramped schedule that no longer fits you?

If so, it’s time to consider what’s genuinely rewarding for you now, so you can make some welcome changes.

Heart-based exploration has the power to enliven any area of your life. So ask yourself what you find compelling today. Observe how your sense of purpose evolves as you take in life’s brevity. What do you discover?

Priorities and Changes at Finding Time

Indeed, as I have engaged in assertive prioritizing myself, I have made some choices to streamline things at Finding Time and work more efficiently.  You’ll notice some of those changes in the E-zine, which I’ve shortened up, without sacrificing content.

I am really excited to share it with readers – and also very interested in hearing everyone’s feedback!  The e-zine will be published on Thursday, and if you aren’t already a subscriber, I’d love for you to sign up by clicking right here.  Sign up right where it says “To Get Your Tips, Sign Up Below!” and you’ll receive our FREE Finding Time Success Kit, which includes our weekly tips, our monthly, award-winning E-zine, and our popular Finding Time Boundary Template.

These are powerful tools for your time success … and I give them to you from my heart.

Oh, and come Thursday I’d love for you to let me know what you think about the e-zine!


  1. I love your metaphor likening refining priorities as we age to panning for gold! That value of our time shines pure in self-reference.

  2. I am reminded of this ongoing process of redefinition that occurs with aging and illness. I appreciate your advice here as I learn to prioritize daily based on my energy level after a challenging period of time in recovery. Priorities become clearer with each decision I make and my life has become richer because of these choices.

    • Hi Pat – Thanks for sharing the insights you’ve gleaned from your journey. You’re so right – the richness is to be found in our choices – and we always have the ability to choose!

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