Priorities and Time Boundaries — Stronger Together

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Your priorities help you set boundaries.

Your priorities are key to establishing clear time boundaries. And setting time boundaries is a key life skill to develop for your time success.

In recent posts I’ve offered you some clear steps for getting started with boundary-setting. And, as you’ve explored your time boundaries and practiced setting them, I’m guessing that you may have noticed this fact:

It’s much easier to maintain your boundaries when you’re clear about what they’re for and when you know that you aren’t being arbitrary or unreasonable about them.

How can you know that?

One important way to clarify where and when you need time boundaries is to establish clear and reasonable priorities. Prioritizing also lends credibility to the time boundaries you set.

As you explore your use of time boundaries, begin by setting them for your top priorities. That way, you’ll be unambiguous about your boundary and its importance. That will, in turn, help you be as clear as possible in your communication.

If it’s important, they’ll understand …

When you are clear within yourself about the relative priorities of your tasks, your time boundaries make more sense. People begin to realize that if you set a boundary, you are not doing it on a whim. They know it’s because the associated task is an important one.

This makes the boundary seem reasonable. That, in turn, makes it much easier for others to support your efforts at time management!

So, how do you go about setting priorities in your life?

Is it something that you do consciously, or does it more often happen by default?

And here’s something else that will help:

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