Prioritize Your Tasks to Own Your Day

Prioritize your tasks — it helps!

When you prioritize your tasks you give yourself a huge time management boost. Yet all-too-often, we neglect this important step.

How often do you hop out of bed and start in on the to-do list that you have in your head? You’re in a rush and the day already feels like it’s getting away from you.

Indeed, while finding time to prioritize your tasks is a key time management skill, it’s one that we often don’t actually use in the headlong rush of daily life.

In the next several posts I’m going to be looking at some of the challenges of managing and following through on your to-do list. And today I’m focusing on finding time to prioritize your tasks.

Prioritize Your Tasks

This is a huge topic, and we certainly won’t be exploring all of it here. But if you want to be in charge of your time choices and avoid falling into the trap of responding reactively to time challenges, you’ll want to look at how you prioritize your tasks. And if you have an actual, concrete to-do list, you’ve already given yourself a boost.

A key step in setting priorities is, first and foremost, to set aside time to do it. That may seem very obvious, but without the time to do it, you will never make a start.  And the time you invest in this upfront will stand you in good stead as you navigate the challenges of your day.

Planning and Prioritizing

If planning is like scanning your daily landscape from up in the air, prioritizing is a further refinement of this. 

Once you have in hand your list of tasks for the day, survey them, thinking about how important they are. Next, prioritize your tasks, listing them from most to least important. 

To accomplish this, some things you may want to consider will be questions like: 

  • What will happen if I don’t get this done today? 
  • How many people will be affected?
  • Am I responding to others’ urgency or is this a priority for me, too?

It may be helpful for you to prioritize your tasks using a computer. That makes it so much easier to move things around as you juggle your priorities. Being a paper and pencil person myself, I still do this the old-fashioned way. But I can certainly see the efficiencies offered by the computer.

Prioritize your tasks using categories.

I like to work with categories, as I prioritize. So, as you set your priorities, think about the large categories of activities and responsibilities that you have in your life.

And, as categories go, self-care is one that I urge you to always include. Always important, this is the category of activity that often gets ost in the shuffle when life gets busy and stress is high.

You’ll learn a lot as you prioritize using these shorter category lists and survey the busy landscape of your life.  You may notice that you need to introduce more balance, for example.

If you do it, how do you prioritize your tasks now?

And if you don’t already do it, how might you get started?

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