Procrastination Got You Stuck? Self-Criticism Might Be the Culprit!

ProcrastinationProcrastination is a major time management challenge for many.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a student, a small business person, a coach, or a busy Mom or Dad, your time is precious and you probably don’t want to be wasting it spinning your tires or putting things off.

But then … you do.

Procrastination Saps Your Energy

Indeed, one of the biggest energy drains I can think of is procrastination.  Your productivity grinds to a halt while your stress steadily rises.  You lose trust in yourself and your follow-through, and your confidence plummets.  Whatever you’re avoiding looms larger and larger, as time passes.  Other responsibilities fall by the wayside, and you feel paralyzed and afraid.

Does this sound familiar?

Procrastination:  Find Its Roots to Root It Out!

Knowing where your procrastination is coming from is half the battle, and one of the things I’ve noticed in my years of coaching, is how often procrastination is fear-based.

Fear of what?  Well, perhaps you grew up in a household where expectations were high and you often felt like you didn’t measure up.  As you delve deeper and deeper, remembering times when you felt that way, you may also notice some familiar, critical messages that triggered that feeling.

It is not at all unusual to carry those undermining messages into adulthood.  When they are strong, and when you aren’t paying attention, those old messages can easily lead to destructive time choices.  I mean choices like procrastination – setting you up, if not for failure, certainly for an awful lot of angst and stress (and likely more self-criticism)!

Are Critical Messages at the Root of Your Procrastination?

I ask because the nagging voice of self-criticism often prompts people to back away from challenges and doubt their abilities.  Self-criticism that leads to choices to procrastinate, is a major time trap.  And it is so unnecessary!

Self-criticism is not reality-based.

It often comes from old hurtful and inaccurate messages, yet it does its work, now, in the present.  It robs you of time and energy and confidence.  Its damage is very, very real as it holds countless creative, talented, and energetic people back.

Tracing your procrastination to its roots in the critical messages that so frequently fuel it is a powerful way to start putting an end to self-defeating behaviors.

And if you’d like to learn more about your own patterns and start changing them, my new Exercise and Guide Book titled, “‘These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!’ How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time!” offers proven techniques and practical tips to quiet those disruptive, haunting and hostile voices of self-criticism.

We really can make conscious choices about the kinds of messages that we give ourselves.  And this Exercise and Guide Book gives you a step-by-step path to take back your power and quiet the self-criticism that saps your confidence, your energy, and your time.

Don’t let those hurtful voices hold you hostage!  Click the link to get started!

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