Procrastination Interfering with Your Holiday Planning? This Helps…

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Procrastination stressing you out?

Things get busier and busier as the winter holidays get closer. And nothing adds to your stress like the inevitable fallout from procrastination.

So, finding time to address the challenge of procrastination head-on boosts your efficiency in busy times while it also reduces your stress. Now, doesn’t that sound like a win-win?

Templates Help

Having templates for ongoing or seasonal activities — and this definitely includes holiday tasks — is one of the biggest time savers you can possibly institute for yourself.

If you are a procrastinator, though, even if you created a template, you might find it hard to use it effectively. You may read your list and review your template, but if you don’t complete tasks in the time allotted, your list and template become sources of stress themselves.

So what’s the template for fighting procrastination?

First, recognize when you are procrastinating about a task. One clue is noticing that there is one task on your To-Do List that you keep postponing or moving past. It’s going to be a task that you notice yourself transferring from one day’s list to the next.

If you find yourself doing this three times, circle that task. Then on the fourth day, when you see that circled task, begin to prepare yourself to stop procrastinating.

Here’s what you do…

Start by transferring that single circled task to a blank piece of paper. Then, underneath that task, list questions to help you identify why you’re procrastinating.

These questions become your ‘Stop Procrastinating Template.’

You’ll probably develop your own questions, but here are 3 to get your template started. Be sure to answer each question in writing so that you’ll have a framework for moving toward completion of the task.

  • “What am I waiting for?”
    Take some time to think about this question. Then, being as honest with yourself as possible, write your answer. Read it over. Write down anything else that comes to mind.
  • “When will be the right time for me to do this task?”
    “Never!” is not an acceptable response. Again, think carefully and then write your answer.
  • “How will I know when it’s the right time?”
    This is the most important question. Before answering it, go back to read your answers to questions 1 and 2.  Once you have answered question 3 you should know how to get past your procrastination.

Make a commitment to yourself to complete the task. Set a doable date for completion. And let me know what happens – I’d love to hear!

Here’s some holiday help for you…

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  1. Those are good questions to ask myself. Thank you, Paula!
    Procrastination is one of my favorite words…well, not really, but I’m very skilled at it. 🙂 These questions will help me when I get stuck in the eternal loop of procrastinating.

    • So good to hear from you! And I’m glad you found the questions helpful. I love how some simple queries can set us on a new path. Here’s to getting un-stuck!

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