Procrastination, Your Moments, and the River of Time

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Procrastination is all about time choices.

Procrastination is one of the biggest hurdles around for smart, productive people.

People just like you.

It robs you of the richness of your moments. then it adds immeasurably to your levels of stress and frustration.

And finally, it drains you of confidence and energy.

You may delay, but time will not.
Benjamin Franklin

Procrastination is an issue that gets to the heart of how you use the time that you have.  As the river of time flows on, how do you choose to spend your moments?

Procrastination and You

Most of us procrastinate about some things at some times.  But delaying tactics and unhelpful time choices can become habits that are, in turn, extremely disruptive and stressful in our lives.  So, how can you tell if this is the case for you?

Well, here’s a brief checklist of activities that people frequently make time choices about.  Scan it quickly and check off the areas where you see yourself procrastinating. You may be surprised at what you discover.


__Cooking/Eating properly __Sleeping __Exercising __Health care (doctor, dentist) __Paying bills __ Relaxing __ Other: ____________________________


__Getting there on time __Completing tasks __Looking for a job __Preparing your resume __Calling a prospective employer__ Other: __________________


__Getting there on time __Doing homework __Studying for tests/exams__Writing papers/doing projects __ Other: _______________________________


__Calling for repairs __Cleaning __Doing laundry__Grocery shopping __ Doing seasonal chores __Doing dishes__ Other: ____________________________


__Talking with/calling friends/relatives __ Correspondence (letters, cards, e-mail) __ Clearing the air with someone __ Other: ________________________

Your Procrastination Profile

What areas in your life tend to be most affected by procrastination?

Does this create stress for you?  How does it manifest?

It helps to remember that procrastination is not a character flaw, it is a time choice that you make.  Since it is a choice, it is something that is within your power to change.

Help is on the way…

If procrastination holds you back, you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with this energy draining time thief. Procrastination’s costs include lost productivity, lost income, lost opportunities, frazzled nerves and damaged relationships.

My accessible and immediately actionable E-Guide Book titled I Don’t Know Where to Start!” How to Stop Stalling, Get Clear, and Turn Procrastination into Productivity offers you a clear path to get to the roots of your procrastination and start doing rather than delaying — today.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start!” unmasks this time thief with exercises to help you identify your own unique brand of procrastination. And it provides insights to help you successfully address what you discover.

That’s the good news! You really can make conscious choices about your time and how to use it. And you really can change old habits and patterns. Using the tools and skills you’ll learn in “I Don’t Know Where to Start” you’ll get started and keep going. So, to learn more about this powerful E-Guide Book and its accompanying bonuses, just click this link.

Let’s explore time together …

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