Procrastination Puzzler-Ask Paula for Some Timely Tips

ProcrastinationProcrastination is a time management challenge that confronts us all at one time or another.  It can be a very frustrating and confounding hurdle that holds us back and keeps us from achieving our goals.

Is procrastination something that you struggle with?  Here’s an e-mail that I recently received from a subscriber to  my weekly Finding Time Tips.  Her name is Ola Otto and she is a senior consultant at Creative Memories, where she helps people organize and share their photos.  She wrote me about a procrastination challenge that I bet many can relate to.

First, I’ll share the tip that Ola was responding to:

Big life changes are made up of lots of small life changes.

Refuse to group everything together. Prioritize and work with the easiest challenge first. Success will build on itself.

Procrastination Puzzler:  Where Do You Start?

Here’s the question that this tip raised for Ola:


I so appreciate all your tips, and the frequency with which you send them.

My question for you on today’s tip:

When I do the easiest task first, the bigger, more important things seem to always get put off, and often my pattern has been that they don’t get done. How can I reframe that so it works for me? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hmmm, maybe what you are saying is your easiest “challenge” … not necessarily the easiest task …

Clearly, I’m confused …



Procrastination Tip:  Prioritize Based on YOU

I love receiving questions from Finding Time folks, and will always reply as soon as I can!  Your time success is my passion – so please don’t hesitate to write with your time challenges.

And now, here’s the response that I sent to Ola:

Hi Ola –

I appreciate your kind words and your taking the time to write. I used to send the Finding Time Tips with greater frequency, but it was my sense, too, that people are so inundated with e-mail that a weekly tip was best. I am so glad that you find it so!

And your question is an excellent one.  It illustrates why there’s no hard and fast ‘rule’ for everyone. The main point, to my mind, is the idea of breaking the challenges down into the smallest pieces possible. When you do the small tasks first, that builds momentum and gets you ready to tackle the more challenging task(s) with more energy and confidence.

So, I find myself wondering whether the tasks that you are putting off can be broken down into smaller pieces. And, if they can’t then maybe the best plan is to notice what continually gets put off and then do THAT task first.

I hope that’s helpful – and wish you all the best in your endeavors. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too

To your time success,


I hope this procrastination tip helps you, too!

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