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Time Finder Favorites for you!

Procrastination is a perennial time challenge that was high on the list of favorites for Time Finder readers this past month. But it wasn’t at the top of the list.

It was a post about transitions titled Transitions – How do YOU Relate to Them? that readers were most drawn to.

And it’s no surprise. This month marks the start of a seasonal transition that can be at once disruptive and energizing.

So what did we have to say about transitions?

Finding time to live our lives as fully as possible requires that we respond with openness, curiosity, acceptance, and agility to the constant presence of change.

Indeed, while the changes and transitions that come our way may not always be expected or welcome, we can rest assured that they will be a dependable staple of our lives.

So, do you want to ride the waves of change, rather than swim against the current?

How do YOU relate to this seasonal change?

Procrastination challenges captured your eye …

And compassion was the quality that offered the best roadmap to time success. Indeed, our post titled Compassion – Your Powerful Procrastination Stopper earned lots of interest last month.  And if you missed it, maybe it can help you get unstuck, too. I invite you to explore the advice we offered — advice like:

The reality is that self-criticism ignites a debilitating vicious cycle that will keep you mired in procrastination. On the other hand, seeing and speaking to yourself from a compassionate place stimulates and frees up your ability to get the job done.

Read on for 5 Compassionate Questions to move you into a freer, more creative, and more productive space.

Finally, our post titled Find Time for 3 Gratitudes Every Day offers a powerful antidote to energy drains like the Inner Critic.

When you hit a point where your energy is flagging or the voice of your Inner Critic is starting to get loud and strident, pausing to reflect on things that you are thankful for can radically transform your experience. I believe that this is because gratitude opens the heart and allows us to reconnect with the unfettered flow of our energy.

What was your favorite post last month — or in the months before? What time wisdom most resonated for you?

Self-criticism ignites a debilitating vicious cycle that will
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And are there time challenges you’d like to see us explore here in the coming month? Drop me a line or add a comment here – I’d like noting ore than to help you find time for what matters most!

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