Productivity and You: Using Your Energy to Optimize Your Time

Productivity Requires EnergyProductivity is job one for most of us.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, teacher or VA, a student or a small business owner, a blogger or a busy mom, being as productive as possible is a daily challenge and ongoing goal.   And it’s often elusive.

If it were simply a matter of pushing ourselves harder, most of us would be productive all the time.  But after a certain point, pushing ourselves becomes counter-productive.

That’s because we are finite and human, which means that in order to be productive, we have to take care of ourselves.

Productivity must involve self-care!

If you live in the States (and perhaps this is true for others as well) you may have stayed up late on Tuesday night to see who won the various elections taking place that day.  Those of you who did probably noticed a dip in your productivity the next day.  (I know that I did!)

That’s because lack of sleep depleted your energy store for your day’s tasks.  You were probably slower and less focused than usual, getting less done in the time you had available.

Productivity Tip #1:  Tending to your energy needs rejuvenates and revitalizes you.

The biggest step you can take is to first know in your heart that you HAVE energy needs.  You are not super-human.  I recently read an excellent article by Gregory Ciotti on Lifehacker titled “Why Better Energy Management is the Key to Peak Productivity.”  He notes …

True productivity is determined by better energy management rather than simply cranking out more hours at your desk.

Productivity Tip #2:  We are Each Different and So Are Our Energy Needs

Your energy needs and mine are different.  As well, your own needs will differ from day to day, as well as from year to year.  Pay attention to yourself and your needs, and manage your productivity expectations accordingly.  Remember, you are your FRIEND, not your Task Master!

Productivity Tip #3:  Small Chunks Make It Easy!

We’ve written here in the past about chunking down tasks.  Well, taking breaks in small chunks is very helpful, too.  You’re best able to maintain your focus and productivity over small, defined spans of time.  Likewise, when you stop to rest or exercise, making sure that it is for a defined and BRIEF period of time keeps you on-track and also builds self-trust.  Every time you return to your task with enhanced energy, you are giving yourself a very positive message!

How do you enhance your productivity?  Is the connection between your energy and your productivity obvious to you?  I’d love to hear more about your challenges and successes here!

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