Productivity and You: Using Your Accountability Buddy

Productivity is about using your time and energy to its fullest. It’s not about being busy or overloading yourself with mountains of tasks.  It is definitely NOT about overwhelm!

No, productivity is about being efficient and using what you have available to you.

Your Productivity Path

So, did yesterday’s post about accountability buddies pique your interest? Setting up such an arrangement is certainly worth considering!

And just to add to your available information, here are two more tips. This will help you chart (and follow) a successful productivity path for yourself:

Will Feedback Help with Your Productivity? If So, What Kind?

Many accountability buddies mostly listen, rather than give feedback. Indeed, they may hardly say a thing – and that may be to the complete satisfaction of their partner.

But what if you find that your productivity is helped by interaction? Are you someone who would welcome hearing thoughts and suggestions? If that’s the case, define what feedback you would genuinely welcome. It’s important to first get clear with yourself about what you want. Then, communicate your wishes to your partner in a straightforward way.

Productivity and Success Come When Connections Evolve Organically.

Accountability buddies start out with a defined role that supports you in your productivity relative to a specific goal. The more open and flexible you are with your buddy, the more you’ll discover how this connection may open new doors.

What happens once your project has been completed? Perhaps the two of you will part ways once your goals are met. Or maybe new collaborations will evolve. Stay open to evolving productivity potentials.

Your original agreements may serve as springboards to new projects as trust deepens.

Productivity Support + Congeniality Can = Friendship.

Ellene Breedlove DavisI’m thinking back to 2008 when I joined a boot camp and, for my first assignment was directed to find an accountability buddy.

I connected with a watercolor landscape artist from Georgia who contacted me. Like me, Ellene Breedlove Davis loves nature and farming. We provided support and enhanced one another’s productivity throughout the boot camp.

And from that first shared project, we maintained our connection. We still connect by phone when our busy schedules allow!

It’s an interesting challenge, keeping such relationships on course yet dynamic. Remaining focused and respecting the boundaries you establish mutually remains essential. As trust builds and productivity increases, why not consider giving your most supportive connections room to grow and mature, too?

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